produces coffee products in

Vietnam's traditional style,

(cà phê phin), brew coffee,

(máy hãm), and espresso,

(máy ép), and offers Robusta

and Arabica varieties.


Freshly roasted by the order!

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When you think about coffee, you probably think of countries like Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. But the second largest exporter of coffee in the world today is Vietnam.


Coffee was first introduced to Vietnam in 1857. Benefits from geographical location, basalt soil, and 500 to 1,500 meters above sea level provide ideal growing conditions and have gained Vietnamese coffee a reputation for superior taste characteristics.


Delicious flavor with a seductive aroma..... that's what we hope for in the coffee we drink everyday!  But it must also be pure, clean, and have nutritional benefits.


To fulfill that desire, NÓN LÁ COFFEE is proud to be one of the companies that provides 100% pure Vietnamese coffee from premium coffee beans that grow at the higher elevations of the central highlands of Vietnam. These coffee beans are naturally mild, with aromatic flavor and are good for your health.


NÓN LÁ supplies green, roasted, blended coffee beans, instant coffee and drip bag coffee to wholesalers, retailers, and individual discerning consumers.


NÓN LÁ COFFEE produces coffee products for Vietnam's traditional style, (cà phê phin), brew coffee, (máy hãm), and espresso, (máy ép), and offers Robusta and Arabica varieties.


Coffee can be purchased from the addresses below. We guarantee our best quality at a fair price, and we know you will love it.

NON LA, a conical shaped hat, has been associated with Vietnamese farmers  for centuries. It’s primary use is for protection from sun an rain.


A NAN LA  is an icon for Vietnam, and is often seen as an adornment for girls in traditional Vietnamese dress. It is made of palm leaves and bamboo rods woven into a cone shape, and is adorned with various colored silk stripes to hold the hat in place.


A NON LA is a favorite gift and souvenir often purchased by tourists visiting Vietnam.

My wife, Jennifer, and I were born in Vietnam and emigrated to the United States as young adults in 1981, settling in California, raising our family and owning several successful businesses. Since 1995 we have frequently traveled back to Vietnam and have seen that agriculture is the main source of income, with the majority of farms owned by individuals with less than one or two acres. These farmers work 12 or more hours a day, seven days a week, and yet they still live below the national poverty level.


This is due in large part because of supplier chains, involving many people, like processors and exporters. Being grateful for a better life in the United States, we want to help these farmers improve their standard of living. Non La Coffee was created to lift their standard of living by selling this high quality coffee in Vietnam and through out the world.


We purchase their coffee beans at top prices, and our end goal is to bring Non La Coffee to a profitable level that will enable us to create a charity to provide financial support to these farmers, and others in need. Your purchase of Non La Coffee will help us reach that goal.  Thank you for supporting us and helping to bring a better life to those less fortunate in Vietnam.


— Michael

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